Weibo means micro-blogging in Chinese. Sina Weibo, the leading social media platform in China, boasted 445 million active users in 2018. Every day, these micro-bloggers post their comments on all kinds of topics, from society to stars, from movies to music, from China to the world, very often on U.S.-China relations.

Wen’s Weekly Weibo Plus features translations of a selection of posts most representative of the mood of Sina Weibo users on a hot topic of the week.

One thing a reader should realize is that the Chinese government censors all media in China, including online platforms such as Sina Weibo. User posts often reflect official views. Still, different tones, angles, styles, individualities, even views, show up.

In addition to translations, Wen’s Weekly Weibo Plus would also present interviews with China experts on issues raised in Weibo posts and in the news concerning U.S.-China relations.

Hope Wen’s Weekly Weibo Plus would add a new flavor to your regular China news intake.

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Wen Liu
Independent writer, translator, interpreter.