Complaining about frigid atmosphere and cheering China diplomat’s fervent rebuttal, Chinese netizens react to U.S.-China clashes in Alaska

China had expected more, calling the Anchorage, Alaska summit from March 18-19 the “Sino-U.S. high-level strategic meeting,” hoping for a reset in the bilateral relations. Secretary of State Blinken, however, said that it was not a strategic dialog, only a one-off meeting. And no joint meals planned, either.

The Chinese were then pissed off one day before the meeting when the U.S. announced a new round of sanctions against 24 Chinese officials involved in the Hong Kong crackdown.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian summed up the disappointment, “The way U.S. treats its guests make Chinese side feel the cold of Alaska.”

Again at the meeting, not so pleased with the opening remarks by Secretary Blinken, especially regarding U.S. concerns over Xinjiang, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Chinese cyber-attacks, Yang Jiechi, director of the CCP Central Foreign Affairs Commission, took the opportunity to hit back with an unprecedented 17-minute-long lecturing. Listing U.S. wrongs from its weakened democracy to Black Lives Matter, Yang ended this way, turning the atmosphere from icy to feverish:

“So let me say here, that in front of the Chinese side the United States does not have the qualifications to say that it wants to speak to China from a position of strength.”

Those words so cheered Chinese netizens at home that they felt that after over a century since the Boxer unequal treaties of 1901, China finally turned the tables on a foreign power.

Here is a collection of Sina Weibo posts under three hashtags: #Sino-U.S. high-level strategic dialog# #U.S. side makes us feel Alaska cold# #U.S. is not qualified to speak to China with condescension#

Qingqing needs to sleep early:  The U.S. is so stingy, no big country style.

silencebd:  What a poor and remote country town. Negotiators had to bring their own instance noodles.

Xia Qiang:  According the early U.S. media field report, the atmosphere at the start of the meeting felt lower than the -6 C. outdoors.

CBQ over there:  Next time, let’s invite U.S. delegates to meet in Lhasa (Tibet).

Fenix feather:  The U.S. is so poor now it can’t afford to provide meals.

Micro rain swallows flying 0108:  This is hard on the Chinese delegation, as it is so dangerous to go to the U.S. where coronavirus is everywhere!

User Wang Chenbin:  I seem to be seeing a declined America.

Small bean sprout Qianqian:  There is a detail. Our diplomats are all wearing white face masks, bright, candid, and honest, while Americans are wearing black ones, hiding ulterior motives.

Knight island:  Director Yang Jiechi emphasized that the U.S. is not qualified to speak condescendingly to China and that China won’t accept it. Dealing with China should be based on mutual respect. History will prove that trying to strangle China would only hurt oneself in the end.

Infinity man m:  News came that the meeting didn’t start well. Both sides had their swords drawn, bows and arrows ready for a showdown. It’s said that the U.S. side spent 2 minutes and a half each for their opening statements, while Director Yang spoke nearly 20 minutes, bitterly condemning the U.S. Blinken was stunned by the speech.

When Blinken raised cyber-attacks as an issue on the agenda, Director Yang refuted that the U.S. was the real champion in cyber-attacks, in technology or methods. Therefore, the American side didn’t deserve to discuss the issue.

Cold mountain temple pilgrim:  These are words to describe the meeting: tit for tat, eye for eye, battle of tongues and words, and needles to bristles.

Internet analysis greaseless middle-aged man:  China has a very special way of negotiation, with one man playing tough, another rational, using both hard and soft strategies, rendering Americans perplexed and confused. Director Yang talked for 16 minutes spontaneously, refuting every unreasonable criticism by the U.S., with very clear thinking! His words were sharp, his tone calm! His manner was unhurried, giving facts rather than just argument. In the end, he returned to Sino-U.S. relations: no confrontation, no conflict, and peaceful win win.

Xiang Ligang of flying elephant net:  We say that Americans went overtime, that’s an excuse. The two of them spoke less than 5 minutes and we countered with 15. I believe this was prepared. I would fix you from the start, switch the roles of hosts and guests, put pressure on you by attacking you and catch you off guard. This is art of negotiation, not something we fools understand.

Uncle Tweet:  What are “the big changes not seen in a century”? I think you will understand by looking at the picture below. The big changes mean that China can say at a negotiation table to any great power: “You are not qualified to talk to us with condescension.” The weight of this sentence lies in the fact that China is not bragging but has sought hard for generations over a hundred years, by adhering to Marxism and through arduous struggle, hard work, to have achieved the strength and confidence of today. Anchorage dialog will surely be written into history books. Our generation will continue to work hard for China’s rise!

Small child in summer breeze:  China’s toughness embarrassed Americans and shocked the world. Cool!

Chaos center:  Really teared up. Who would have thought a hundred years ago that today China can say her words loudly and powerfully at a negotiation table? In old time, so much sovereignty was ceded, and it was like hell everywhere.

He Chunyin’s micro thoughts:  Between the U.S. and China, dialog of equals, yes, condescending, no. Chinese have stood up.  From the past starting with the war to resist U.S. and aid Korea, to now and the future, the U.S. should see the reality that China is on an equal footing. Respect each other, we can sit down and talk anything. Condescending, pointing fingers, we have nothing to talk about. The U.S. should give up on intimidations, which might be useful elsewhere, but not with China. Have you forgot about the Korean War?

Purple hut in clouds:  It is not that China’s attitude is getting tough, it is that China’s spine has always been straight. After working for others for a long time and making a lot of money, one naturally wants to change one’s position and become the boss.

Truth courier:   You tried blocking China for years, have you succeeded? The U.S. side mentioned its Mars Rover Perseverance to show off its achievement. It felt like a village just getting its WIFI. Why? Because we went to Mars, too. If you want to cooperate, come to us.

@crops and sun and moon:  Director Yang had instant noodles for lunch. Safe, hygienic, efficient. Hope this, if nothing unexpected happens, becomes reciprocal. Next time the U.S. side comes to China, there will be no working meals, either.

A very cold joker:  Don’t Americans always have high qualities? We Chinese never beat up old American ladies on our street! May I ask about your control of the pandemic? How come you still have time to worry about Hong Kong? This reminds me of those sitting on a stool and cracking seeds while forgetting that their own house is on fire!

Li Ping fair-going group:  Americans, do you really count!  We China is not the China 120 years ago. If millions of us Chinese stopped buying American products, let’s see if you still have the mood of playing a dog catching mice, or being a busybody! You debt beat Yankees.

Stinky devil retreating:  I went to the outside internet specially to click “Like” for Mr. Yang and Mr. Wang. Overseas Chinese are all excited and proud. This is the way to be tough! Awesome!

P.S. Americans at the meeting were shameless. So many people had died of coronavirus and they still bragged how effectively and quickly they had brought the pandemic under control. Bragging doesn’t need a draft… What’s so funny is that many Americans have been brainwashed by the media.

Demon brother watching:  American Secretary of State Blinken and National Security Advisor Sullivan spoke briefly to the media, saying that they had candid dialog with the Chinese, without announcing any breakthroughs.

Bureau Director Qian that’s me:  One meeting could not resolve all the differences, as State Councilor Wang said. Dialog is better than confrontation. Reducing disagreements and increasing mutual trust is progress. Both of you worked hard.  Have a nice meal, no more instant noodles!

Small wish:  Well done. It is China that has great power style.