That was, I would say, our year of Weibo

I started this Weibo weekly a year ago as something that could be called “pandemic writing,” a way to reach out to connect or reconnect. Since the focus was on U.S.-China-related topics, we have seen a year worth of nationalistic and anti-American comments by Weibo users, with a lot of sarcasm. That is understandable. One, they mostly follow the views of the Chinese Communist Party, the Foreign Ministry, and China’s state media. Two, if there were any views critical of China and pro-American, the censors surely would have got to them first. Three, we have given them plenty of material, our Capitol riot, uncontrolled pandemic, Texas power outage, Florida condo collapse, etc. Now, with the heart-breaking chaos and loss in Afghanistan, I don’t think we need to follow more whatever Weibo users have to say.

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